Not good news
Thursday, August 15, 2009

Mike met me at Panera across from the doctor's office so he could take Charlotte while I went into the ENT. I walked in, filled out my paper work. Congestion? Check! Loss of smell and taste? Check! Agony enough to annoy the hell out of your husband and friends because you won't stop complaining about how you can't breathe or smell or taste? Check!

I was confident he'd find something and would make me better. He stuck cotton balls soaked in something up both my nostrils to "decongest me" so he could get a better look. Then, he stuck a camera tubey thingie up both nostrils, and with the sweetest voice he could muster because he knew how upset I was, said "Aww, honey, I'm sorry. You just have really terrible allergies."

He said that due to the warm fall in NJ, that the leaves are lying on the ground, molding in the extra high temperatures. This is why I've been so bad the past few weeks. Also, we had a flood in our basement a few months ago and now I'm convinced that even though we killed the mold on the floor and such, it is living in our vents and we are breathing it in, and since I am allergic to dust and mold, I am faring the worst. I called a Air Duct company and the woman on the phone and I talked like we were old friends. She felt terrible for me and is going to send someone to look at everything tonight. Then, we are going to set up a day for them to come clean, sanitize, and figure out our whole air duct system since we have no clue how to use it (there is some electric air cleaner contraption in the basement that we don't know how to work or even if it does).

So, I suffer. We do what we can in the house to minimize the allergens for my issues and for the health of everyone else. He says I can take one bendryl every night before bed to help "calm down the inflammation" but right now, nothing else is worth trying. He also gave me this saline stuff to shoot up there, which I suppose is the same as what I'm doing with the neti pot.

I left the office happy I found such a great ENT, who reminds me of Egon from The Ghostbusters. But I also left in tears, which if you have allergies like mine, is apparently the worst thing ever. By the time I met Mike at Toys R Us (where else would he be?), I was a red-eyed, snot-nosed mess. I can't stop sneezing. I can't stop blowing my nose.

So I made myself cookies and ate spoonfuls of batter. Way to wallow criminal justice degree jobs.

Wednesday, January 04, 2009

Ok, I have a few things rolling around in my brain that need to be disucssed amongst the group.

So, let's start with replying to comments. I'd love to reply to each and every one of you personally, by email, but some of you who are logged in through blogger do not have your email settings to allow me to do this. Hence, when you comment me and I click "reply," all I get is a "noreplycomment" yadda yadda. If you want me or anyone else to be able to reply to your comments, you have to go into your blogger profile and click "Show my email address." Then, when a comment pops up in my inbox, and I hit "reply," I can email directly to you! Thanks to SciFi Dad for that tip!

Along the same vein, do you guys backtrack to posts to see if I've commented back to you? I used to do this - reply IN the comments, but then I realized that most people probably don't backtrack to re-read them. Am I wrong?

How would you prefer your comment to be acknowledged? I hate to NOT write you back. You've taken the time to come and read and comment and I want to return the respect; I just haven't figured out what works best for the masses yet.

Moving on....Do any of you use Google Reader? Or Bloglines? Any preference? I use Reader to access all my blogs, but have found that sometimes when it updates them and I go to the blog, there is already a bazillion comments and it has been posted for a while. Which leads me to believe that Reader is slow on the uptake? Anyone else have any input?

Some of you asked me about the Neti Pot for my congestion issues. It's basically a little teapot that you stick in one nostril, tilt your head and pour, and it comes out the other nostril, flushing your sinues along the way, clearing out debris, allergens, and reducing congestion. Click on the link to read an article from Oprah and see it performed. There is also a video from one of the makers (I use a plastic one by SinuCleans in case you care)

I've been using it twice a day and it clears me up for the time being, but I think my issue is much more underlying than can be helped with a saline wash. It does feel funny for like half a second but then pours right through. You have to be careful with how you tilt your head because it can come in the back of your throat and it's like swallowing salt water. There are all sorts of studies that have proven that saline washing of your sinuses helps prevent sinus infection and reduce allergies. I mean, it can't hurt right? I would definitely recommend it to someone who has congestion issues, though I fear I may be beyond hope and need a nose transplant.

My appointment is tomorrow and you better bet your bottom dollar there will be tears. Doctors ALWAYS listen to women in tears. I miss the way food tastes. I miss the way my voice sounds. I miss sitting on the couch and watching TV without having to blow my nose every five minutes.

Ok, I'm done whining. I'll let you all know how the appointment goes tomorrow - interior design degree.

No progress
Monday, November 12, 2008

After allergy testing, trying different medications, and overdosing my poor body on OTC decongestants, I finally made an appointment with an ENT for Thursday morning. I can't breathe, like ever. It drains me. It makes me tired and what's worse, is that when I'm stuffy I can't sleep. I hate breathing with my mouth open and fight it tooth and nail. Some nights, I will take nasal spray just so I can function the next morning, but I know better than to use those more than one day at a time because the rebound congestion is worse.

My primary doctor thought maybe I have an underlying infection so I have been on antibiotics since last week and nothing has changed. Last night I was so clogged, I felt like my face was going to explode. Mike had to keep pausing the DVR because he couldn't hear the TV over me honking into tissue after tissue. My nose is raw, my head is heavy, and my body is poisoned with too many meds that don't work.

So, I am going to see an doctor who specializes in all things schnoz, and hopefully he can figure out what the hell is wrong with me.

I mean, sure I have allergies to dust and mold, but who doesn't, and I am definitely worse in our hoouse, but we have done everything possible. We have an air filter, hypoallergenic bedding, pillows, and mattresses. We vacuum and dust and wash our sheets in hot water once a week. We're doing everything humanely possible.

The worst part of this whole thing, ya know, other than the lack of AIR, is that I lose my sense of smell, and with it, goes my taste. Do you know how depressing it is to try and eat dinner and not taste a damn thing? I am literally getting quite sad over this and just don't see an end in sight.

I am done with OTC meds - they barely work anyway, and why put stuff in my body if it doesn't help. Nasal spray is a last resort. I even tried those breathe right strips, saline wash with a neti pot twice a day, steam baths, and NOTHING works. I am at wits end. Truly - accredited university degree.

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